Below are some stories of our satisfied customers:

John J, 60 y/o: John is the owner of a local car shop. He has had back pain problems for many years. After two to three hours of work, his back would cramp with pain. To try to ease the pain, he would go to the local gym and swim. However, after he used Enerfoot insoles for the first time in the summer of 2015, John’s back pain has been eased greatly. Not only does this improve his working efficiency, but it provides him with a better quality of life.

Ms. Wen, 50 y/o: Wen is a dance teacher for rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, jazz, and more. She has had bunion problems for years due to her professional dancing practice. Her podiatrist told her that the only solution was to undergo surgery. Before using Enerfoot insoles, she would not be able to walk for longer than approximately 20 minutes without feeling pain. After wearing the insoles, she said the pain has been greatly relieved and that surgery was not necessary.

Diana T, 45 y/o: Diana is a chef in a restaurant. After working all day standing and cooking, her feet are worn out and constantly cramping throughout the day and night. After wearing our insole, she immediately felt muscle relaxation and has said her cramps have been relieved.

Andrej B, 26 y/o: Andrej is a tennis coach. he hs had knee pain during his practice on court. He was wearing a professional insole, which was customized and built by his podiatrist. After trying our Enerfoot insole, he found there was no longer pain in his knees.

Henry Z, 27 y/o: Henry is a semi-professional ping pong player. He wears our Enerfoot insole to support his back while playing. At the 2015 Butterfly tournament, which is a top-ranking team tournament in the US, Henry had an outstanding performance and helped his NJTTC team to win the championships. He beat out more than 40 teams from all over the country along with his biggest rival. After analyzing his performance, not only did we find that Enerfoot helped relax his back muscles, but it had also held up his flat feet which allowed for him to be more active on his feet.

Douglas Lee, 52 y/o: Douglas has had back pain and knee pains for years. The pain was easily triggered by any sudden body shifts or movements, such as lifting a box, gardening, or even brushing his teeth. Before Enerfoot, his only solution was acupunctural shocks. After using Enerfoot, he hasn’t needed to visit the acupuncturist in over two years. His knee pains have also been relieved, allowing him to focus more on improving his individual athletic performance in running and playing table tennis.

Ms. Jin, 72 y/o: Ms. Jin has been using medical pads to reduce her back pains for over 18 years. After using Enerfoot, her pain was instantly gone.

Kids of the NJ Table Tennis Club: A few kids from the NJTTC have flat feet. This results in shooting pain when playing that goes through their back. After wearing the Enerfoot insole, these kids don’t have pain anymore and also significantly increased in skill and agility.

Kevin Lai, 47 y/o: Kevin has had a foot and leg pain problems throughout his life. One major foot problem was his calluses. He needed to chip off dried skin every two weeks, which made him very picky with shoe selections. After wearing our Enerfoot Insole, Kevin’s leg pain and his callus problem has significantly decreased.

Hippolite, 46 y/o: Hippolite had heel pain and back pain which was severe to the point where he couldn’t stand for an extended period of time. With the insole, he is able to stand on his feet for much longer without pain.

Lifu H, 47 y/o: Lifu works as a mechanical technician for the MTA. He needs to fix and maintain elevators and work on his feet everyday. Our Enerfoot insole solved his lower back pain and it allows him to work more efficiently with no pain.

Nelson , 50 y/o: Nelson works at an auto shop. Back pain was a big problem for him. Our Enerfoot insole rid his pain and allows him to actively work and exercise.

Recodo J, 34 y/o: Recodo has legs that are slightly different in length, which has caused a pinched nerve on his spine. He has had this problem since he was young. The uneven weight triggers spinal pain. After wearing Enerfoot, his pain is gone. Now, this allows him to get back on track by living an active and healthy life.

Kevin W, 56 y/o: Kevin suffers from sweaty foot sweat throughout the year. He used to constantly take off his shoes and/or change socks several times during the day to avoid the stinky smell. Kevin started to wear Enerfoot Insole a month ago every day. A few days after, he realizes his sweaty foot problem is gone. In fact, Enerfoot Insoles do not just provide better support for his feet, but also reduce the pressure against the tendons and muscles, thus significantly less sweat on foot.

 Charles 83 y/o: Charles has with severe arthritis and endured an open-heart surgery recently. Joan, Charles’ wife, was in search for remedy to help him deal with pain after the surgery and saw Enerfoot Insoles. When she learned many arthritis patients have been benefited from using Enerfoot, she’s willing to give it a shot “at least there’s some hope”, she thought out loud. A few days after, Joan called Douglas and was excited to share the good news: Charles was able to walk much better – more stable, less pain, a lot more willing to walk ever since he wear Enerfoot Insoles